Play Football

Type tufted grass colour green
Yarn material PE diamond shape 316 micron, 6 + PE monofilament curled 180 micron, 6
Yarn type 18500 dTex  
Yarn quality Environmental friendly, UV stabilized, free of lead and cadmium
  UV stability meets DIN 53387 standard
Primary backing 100 % double PP Thiobac with fleece, black UV stabilized, weight 250 gr/m²
Secondary backing black latex compound with a base of sturenebutadiene (SBR), with drainage holes, 1000 gr/m²
Water permeabilitye 60 liter / min / 100 cm²
Tuft gauge 3/8″    
Pile height 32mm +/-1mm  
stitches per 10 cm 24    
Total stitches per m¹ 240    
Face weight 3063 gr/m² +/- 10%  
Total weight 4246 gr/m² +/-10%  
Roll widht 4m    
Roll length standard 25m    
Color fastness xenon test: blue-scale >7, Grey-scale > 4
Infill 15kg/m2 infill sand needed
Shockpad PE 10mm 180kg/m3